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This book tells the story of Giovanni di Fidanza (later known as Friar Bonaventure from Bagnoregio and finally as St. Bonaventure), of his human experiences as a politician, a philosopher, a theologian, and a mystic. Through a careful analysis of the sources, Baciarello acquaints us with Giovanni, whom he describes as handsome, good-natured, and affable, his intellectual gifts not overshadowing but in fact enhancing his humble character, though he was also determined and very stern. He was certainly a healthy, robust man, for he travelled tens of thousands of kilometers in the role of Minister General of the Order of the Friars Minor to personally ascertain the application of the Rule in convents all over Europe.
The second part of the volume is devoted to the history of the cult that Bagnoregio has dedicated to the Saint, attested to by the relic of the Holy Arm, by the monument by Cesare Aureli, and by the churches that preserve works produced by important artists. This text aims to plot out a Bonaventurian pilgrimage in Bagnoregio, hence the title.

Translation by Cristina Popple


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Giancarlo Baciarello


Giancarlo Baciarello, nato a Vetriolo di Bagnoregio nel 1947, vive a Bagnoregio da oltre 45 anni. Ha conseguito la Licenza in Teologia presso la Pontificia Università “Angelicum“ di Roma e la Laurea in Filosofia e Storia presso l’Università degli Studi “La Sapienza“ di Roma. Ha ottenuto l’abilitazione all’insegnamento in Scienze …