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«The Bisentina Island has seven small rural churches, all built between the 15th and the 16th century, of which the best kept, due to numerous restoration projects, is the one on mount Calvario (also called mount Crocifisso), where on the far wall there is a fresco of Christ crucified with St. Francis, St. Bernard, and St. John the Evangelist by his side.»
"Lake Bolsena. A Guide To Discovery" describes everything you need to know about the Lake and its surrounding territory: from the natural environment to the Lake's flora and fauna, from the history and the tradition of the villages and the islands to the excursions in the territory of Tuscia and in the neighbouring regions of Toscana and Umbria, from the museums and archeological sites to the cycling tours along the via Francigena and the “Sentiero dei Briganti” (Path of the Brigands).
A complete and detailed guide to discover Lake Bolsena and its surrounding areas


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